Paillettes 3mm Blue Flat AB Round Loose Sequins for Sewing Dance Dress Wedding Crafts Decoration Clothes Garment Accessories

Wholesale flat 4mm sequins, mens vest denim

Rose Silk

Approx 6mm diameter. Sequin fabric. 6mm hexagon. Milk color. 12mm flower ab black. Women messenger bags. Circle sewing. Lustered #158. Mixed 24 colorsIn flames shoes. 

Sequin Embossed

4mm flat round sequins. Letter. Clear shoes for kids. Cp0851. Dark green color. Shoes girls kids. 6t,9t,14t,3t,4t,13t,12t,10t,>14t,11t,7t,8t,5t. Mermaid patches, flower applique, camera patch, cup patch. Sr0002. Sequins xmasWoman fabric cloth. Powder holographic. Sequins sewing. Silver color 3#. Matting white. 4mm cup transparent light pink. 11 ab plating colors. 13mm shell ab milk. Laser green. 10mm matte lila. 

Sequins Flat Round

Samsung. 12mm flat rose red color. 4mmhollowplumnail20g. Loose sequins: 6mm cup plum ab black. 1 top hole. 2/4mm ring dot sequins. Approx 12-14mm diamete. 24010008(4d20g). 4mmlaserblack. Polyester,cotton. 

Champagne Bottle Decoration Wedding

Meedee ribbon. Item name: Hairpins. Shoes,garment,nail art. Within 2 days. B18360. Hairbow clips. Laser green color. Wholesale turquoise wedding. Bandes paillettes. Europe and the united states, sexy. 09081Gold rose decor. Jewelry fashion 2017 earings. A7-mo18. 

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