DoreenBeads PVC Sequins Paillettes Elephant At Random 17mm( 5/8") x 12mm( 4/8") , 50 Grams (Approx 1250 PCs/Packet)

carriage with horses, rolls pearl beaddings

Tissus Sequins

Ab yellow. 4mm/6mm circle ring 4 color. A7-frm34. Fashion necklace. N18q51n54. Paillettes with hole. Plastic. Baseball caps snapback hip hop hats for men. Clothing decorations sequins. 15mmsidehole. Use 10: Wholesale shoes color ivory. 4mm/6mm circle ring light gold. Soft leather. Laser dark golden. Light love bag. Leaf ab black. Ab mint. 

551 Bag

Children. Use4: B70755. Platform height: Obscene picture: Gold red silver blue purple. 2.5inch. 3mm cup. B09888. Cp0802. Confetti long. Net fabric. 

1920''s Accessories

B09893. 10*14mm sequins. 6mm cup champagne golden. 20mm nylone webbing. Ab blue color. Spaghetti strap. Eggs dancing. 9mm flower. Flower sequins. White wedding shoes kids. Seq2811024. 

Gold Embellishments

5*13mm. Big leaves. 20mm round with 2 holes. Plastic scoops blue. Leftside. Hooks: Lp0001. Plastic anchoring. Purple point light. Yaya liangpianhua. Wire key ring. 10mm side hole new colors. 6mm cup. 18 colors available. Sticker gti1-4mm dot. 

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